Calvin LL Jones

Calvin LL. Jones "Cal"  is an executive sound engineer at Florida State University. He is also the entrepreneur of a live sound reinforcement company and in his ninth consecutive year as the sound designer at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival .  Cal's compositions for dance and festival sound design are recognized by SF Chronicle newspaper as Best of San Francisco Dance Top Ten Awards in 2012, 2008, and 2006 .

Starting in 2008, Cal has internationally toured with Kronos Quartet as a technical director, electronic props designer, and sound designer : “Music from 4 Fences”,“Awakening”,“A Chinese Home”,“Black Angels”,“Weddell Seals”.

Cal holds a BFA degree in Theater Design from Florida State University (2005), an AA degree from Tallahassee Community College, Cisco Certified Routing Switching CCNA , Computer Programming and Electronics Lively Vo-Tech certfication, and military/medical spec SMT soldering and cable wiring harness international standard IPC certifications (2013). 
In 2012,  Cal apprenticed with world renown circuit bender Reed Ghazala in his Cincinnati electronic arts anti-theory workshop.

Cal creates toy sound + light interactive sculpture instruments for artist exhibition and commission.


Weddell Sealscircuit bending certificate